Saturday, 10 December 2016

NEW FREEBIES! / Beauty and Lifestyle Haul πŸ’

I honestly can't believe how lucky I've been recently! I've won a couple of competitions and got a few freebies so I'm excited to show you my haul and give a brief review of each product. All the products in this post were free but I was not asked to do this post by any of the companies!

Clinique always have deals on when you buy multiple products but this is by far my favourite! I got this cute London-design wash bag with some super cute, useful and free products! I'm hoping to do a a separate post on this beauty bag but I have so many posts scheduled, we will see!


In the group for bloggers that I am a moderator on, one of the posts that caught my eye recently was by Emma Quay from From Emma with Love. She recently shared a post with a beautiful free calendar printable. I fell in love instantly and I can't wait to print it off and hang it up for next year! The quotes are just perfect and I love that it's super simple! If you want it, visit the post, sign up and it will be emailed right to you.

A little while ago now, I was walking past Warren Street and Gousto were giving up free meal boxes to try out for people who signed up with their email. I've just made the meal and I can't wait to show you guys in a post later this week! :)

Birchbox Bracelet
As I'm sure you are aware, I subscribe to one subscription box at the moment and that is Birchbox. I've been getting it for almost a full year now and while it's usually a mixed bag, I do really love it. The past couple of months, they have done a give-back programme so if you referred someone, you got a free bracelet. I love mine!

If you read my last review of October's you'll know that I received two, one of which was stained as my first box was totally damaged. Luckily, after repeated attempts I managed to get the stain out of the ribbon so I gave the replacement copy to my sister for her birthday and now we have matching one! :)

NUXE Glam Lipgloss
On Facebook, NUXE ran a quick competition and asked everyone to say which lip gloss they were most like to win one of their RΓͺve de Miel Lip Balm Limited Editions. To be in with a chance of winning you simply had to comment whether you were pop, glam or nature. I ended up saying 'These look so gorgeous. I think everyone is a little bit of them all at some points but when I have the time and occasion allows, definitely love a little bit of GLAM! πŸŽ‰'.

I was amazed at how big this product was when I received it and it smells divine. It's perfect for now that the weather is getting a little colder.

Justin Bieber Eye Mask
After going to Justin Bieber's concert, my flatmates bought me a little joke present in the form of this eye mask.
Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of him as a person but I think he has some incredible songs and is definitely an amazing performer!

Secret Scent Box
I already did a quick post on this, but I thought I would add it here too. After commenting on an Instagram post, I was amazed when I won a full size subscription box from Secret Scent. I really do think it's such a good idea for people like me who either don't wear much perfume or get bored of the same smell really quickly!

RIMMEL LONDON Fresher Skin Foundation
I received an email including this as a freebie and so all I had to do was provide my name and details and it came to my door within the week. It is a very small sample size but I actually quite like it. For me, I need a little more coverage but it's very lightweight and perfect for hanging around the house at the weekend.

Free TROLLS eBook
I still haven't managed to watch the film but I thought I'd quickly throw this one is just because I was quite impressed with it. I recently got a McDonald happy meal and with it recieved 2 coupon codes for a Trolls, the current theme, book. I already bought the book for £1 but I have this code for an ebook if anyone wants to get it!

This last one wasn't actually free for me but it will be for you! Graze is a box that I started getting a very long time ago and I decided I'd get it again this week after a bit of time off. You can sign up via this link to get your 1st, 5th and 10th box completely free! If you get the first and then don't want to pay you can just cancel so totally free. 

So it shows that if you enter and try to get freebies, sometimes it works out! I can't even begin to tell you how many I've entered (I enter pretty much every one I see and it's well into the hundreds...)! Finger's crossed for everyone else <3

I am also collabing with another blogger today so please go and visit her. Anna Nuttall from her self-titled blog also writes her lifestyle and beauty haul!